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Best Jobs for Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding is a versatile skill set that has a wide range of possible applications in the healthcare industry. Every single medical office needs a qualified professional to ensure the delivery of payments and proper accounting of receipts. Once you’ve finished your training as a medical biller, there are tons of new opportunities for work in healthcare. Here are some of this year’s top fields of medicine to find a job.

  1. Dentistry

Dentists are always in demand and are one of the most abundant types of healthcare workers. As a medical biller, finding work at a dental office would be a secure position for many years to come. With hundreds of types of procedures and a large list of returning patients, there are many medical codes to learn and master for a successful medical coding career in a dental office.

  1. Podiatry

Podiatrists specialize in treating ailments of the foot and ankle. These medical specialists have seen a meteoric rise to demand for their services, especially in regards to orthopedic surgery. As the elderly population grows, there is an increasing demand for medical services that relate to the infirmities of old age, such as problems with walking.

  1. Ophthalmology

Ophthalmologists specialize in eye care. Patients must regularly return for check-ups and updates to their prescriptions, which makes ophthalmologists a highly-frequented type of medical professional. As the population becomes proportionately older, more and more patients will visit ophthalmologists for new prescriptions and eye treatments.

  1. Physical Therapy

Like other medical professions listed here, physical therapy has been on a fast rise. Physical therapists help their patients recover from life-altering injuries or invasive surgeries. The rehabilitation process is long, which means that medical records must be constantly updated and kept in neat order. Physical therapy is becoming more and more profitable to the extent that new offices are opening with higher frequency than before.

  1. Nursing Homes

At least 10% of medical billers and medical coders in the United States are employed a nursing homes or long-term care facilities. After general hospitals, this makes them one of the largest employers of this type of healthcare professional. If you cannot find a physician’s office to begin work, your next best bet will be to seek employment at a nursing home. Again, the significant proportion of elderly Americans makes it advantageous to seek out careers that provide services to this demographic and nursing homes are the most directly involved venue for serving this demographic.


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