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Career Opportunities

One of the most challenging aspects of getting an education in medical billing and coding is finding the right job for your skills after graduation. There are thousands of new jobs opening up in the healthcare industry each month, but you have to be qualified and competitive with all of the other applicants. Knowing exactly how to apply your training to future career will help you narrow or broaden your job hunt and impress your potential employers with a sense of purposeful self-awareness. Also, a simple change in title can bring in a few thousand more dollars in salary, so learn about how to market yourself and find out which careers will be best suited for your skills. But generally speaking, the most common place to find a job is at the offices of physicians.

Medical Secretary

Medical secretaries are employed at the private offices of physicians and work primarily at the front-desk. They schedule patient visits by answering phone calls and emails. They handle medical billing and coding to properly organize the costs of treatment and the income of the business. A medical secretary is an important connection between the doctor and the patient that can account for the extra considerations needed for individual cases. Helping with insurance and the explanation of complicated procedures can make a patient feel well taken care of.

Health Information Technician

Health information technicians focus specifically on medical billing and coding. They handle the large amount of raw data that is needed to properly account for patient medical histories, insurance claims, and the finances of a medical office. They update patient files after each procedure, contact outside parties when information is lacking, and organize the pertinent information for their supervising doctor’s needs on a daily basis.

Medical Assistant

Medical assistants can have a number of roles in a healthcare facility. Whether they are clinical medical assistants or administrative medical assistants, these workers can help in the front of the office and in the closed offices of patient-doctor interaction. For a worker with medical billing and coding experience, there is more of a focus on the administrative side of the job. Answering phones, filing insurance reports, and keeping detailed records for patients and doctors will make up the majority of the work tasks.

Medical and Health Services Manager

A medical and health services manager is an extremely valuable member of their healthcare team. As the head manager of the administrative aspects of a medical office, the manager will be responsible for supervising other workers and making informed decisions about the medical office’s needs for improvement. These are usually highly-experienced workers with years of professional work at a number of different medical offices.

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