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What is Medical Billing and Coding?

Medical billing and coding is a specific set of skills that is extremely important for the healthcare industry. Every type of medical facility or healthcare provider needs trained professionals to manage their basic accounting and record-keeping demands. For each patient, procedure and prescription, there are a number of financial variables that need to be tracked and recorded for the several different reasons.

For Doctors

The reason why medical billing and coding is important for doctors is to keep up-to-date records and accurate patient files. Doctors that run private practices are responsible for keeping track of each procedure done for each patient so that they can properly management the diagnosis and treatment process. Additionally, the billing aspect of the job is incredibly important for doctors to make sure their business remains legitimately profitable, with detailed records for taxes and payroll. Doctors can remain focused on treating patients and solving medical issues while their accounting and billing is handled by a competent professional. With more time to spend with patients, doctors can improve the quality of their medical services and spend more time building trust with patients.

For Patients

Patients often need help from medical billing and coding professionals because the process of getting medical treatments covered by insurance can be confusing and drawn out. Understanding insurance policies and communicating with insurance providers is critical to the patient education process, and doctors rely on well-informed, happy patients to build their customer base and return for more check-ups or procedures. Additionally, patients can benefit from a more careful explanation of their insurance benefits. Getting the most out of an insurance policy will benefit the individual and the medical office, as both will get the necessary service and compensation needed.

For Insurance Providers

Insurance providers are notoriously reluctant to pay for the costs of patients’ bills and will do everything in their power to deny payment. For healthcare offices and hospitals, this can make it extremely difficult to receive adequate payment for the services provided to patients that have claims rejected by insurance providers. Medical billing and coding experts can help argue claims to get the money that patients and doctors deserve for their treatments. In order to argue claims, it is important to keep precise records and carefully report all types of expenses. Different patients will have different backgrounds, so the job of medical billing and coding must involve critical thinking and a comprehensive understanding of medical insurance and office policies. On the other hand, the insurance company will not always be held responsible and it can become necessary to rely on debt collection agencies to retrieve payment from patients.

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