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Salary Info

The exact salary for a job involving medical billing and coding varies depending on the medical facility and the job title held by an applicant. Some of the most common job descriptions for workers that have training in medical billing and coding are medical secretaries, administrative medical assistants, healthcare information technicians, or medical transcriptionists. The difference between the salaries of these positions is slight, but to make more money requires additional certifications and years of experience.

Medical Secretary Salary

The salary of a medical secretary averages at $32,000 per year. Entry-level workers make a lower salary that averages at $26,000 per year. The highest paid medical secretaries can make as much as $45,000 per year. The best way to make more money is to improve your professional qualifications and gain specialties in their field of medical employment. The highest-paying jobs can be found at the offices of physicians.

Administrative Medical Assistant Salary

The average for an administrative medical assistant to make in a year is approximately $30,000. Entry-level medical assistants make an average of $25,000 per year and the highest paid workers can make as much as $42,000 per year. Again, developing specialties and specific work experience will make it easier to apply for higher-paying positions. The most profitable jobs are found at hospitals, but the average employee finds more job opportunities at the private offices of physicians.

Healthcare Information Technician Salary

Healthcare information technicians make an average of approximately $34,000 per year. The entry-level positions in this career make about $24,000 per year and the highest paid healthcare information technicians have an average salary over $56,000 per year. The best paying jobs are found at hospitals, but the most accessible places to find a job are private offices of physicians. This job can be completed during the odd hours of the day that hospitals must stay open, so keep your work schedule flexible in order to gain access to better-paying positions.

Medical Transcriptionist Salary

Medical transcriptionists make an average of about $34,000 per year. Entry-level workers make just over $22,000 per year and the highest-paid workers can make as much as $47,000 per year in salary. The most profitable jobs are found at hospitals. There are additional opportunities for bilingual or multi-lingual workers to translate medical records from one language to another for international research organizations or places where regional culture makes another language more useful for communication.

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